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Creditors rely on our lawyers to collect their debt anywhere in the world at the lowest possible cost.

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How this works

How this works


Use our simple form to register any claim that you want our lawyers to collect. You can collect any amount against any debtor in any country.


Within 24 hours and without charge, our lawyers send you an offer detailing estimated time, costs and probability of success for each claim.


On the basis of the collection offer, you will decide whether to authorize our lawyers to collect your debt. You can collect all or selected claims.

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This is an overview of the services our expert debt collection lawyers offer. This may vary depending on the jurisdiction.

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We are a team of experienced lawyers specialized in debt collection and we support our clients with skill and efficiency.

We are based in the US and focus on international commercial trade. We enjoy conducting business in Germany, but sometimes we are forced to collect unpaid debt. We need this to be done quickly and effectively and by expert lawyers. ClaimsCollect provides this. Thanks.

CFO, Heavy Industries Company

“We are a medium-sized game development agency from the West Coast. Some of our European customers fail to pay invoiced amounts since they don’t believe that we will collect debt abroad. We cannot afford to have incompetent national lawyers fail to enforce our claims. We are thankful that CCI connects us to internationally-minded lawyers fully committed to our interests.”

CEO, Game Developer

“I help several German companies sell their products via YouTube, Instagram and Facebook using my >1 million followers across all channels. Unfortunately, some of my business partners default on their payment. I rely on CCI to solve these issues for me without a huge time investment on my part.  I highly recommend them.”

CEO, Influencer

Your Advantage

Debt collection is a dynamic and multifacted area of the law. We offer our clients optimal service at lowest cost.

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We are happy to keep you updated on the developments in the global debt collection practice.

Debt Collection Costs

Debt collection costs in Germany can be a tricky subject-matter. The main question is whether the creditor of an outstanding amount can claim a full refund of his debt collection costs from the debtor. The [...]

Lawyer Debt Collection

Every company, regardless of size, needs a sound internal accounting unit and liquidity management. This includes making sure that all invoiced claims are collected. Any default can lead to liquidity bottlenecks. Any lax handling [...]

Company Debt Management

Some of our clients have approached us asking how they can optimize their in-house process of managing receivables. We believe that some optimizations can be implemented with little effort, but they have a very [...]


We are a global leader in debt collection by lawyers

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